Corporate Information


Dato’ Othman Bin Ali, Chairman of ByTech

Appointed as the Chairman of ByTech in 2012, he has decades of experience across a broad background of both horizontal and vertical knowledge of technologies. Dato Othman Ali carries vast experience in the security industry in the national and international level where he provides acute industry knowledge and guidance. He is actively involved in leading-edge research and development and he constantly thrives to discover innovative solutions.

Nazimudden bin Sulaiman Osman, Managing Director of ByTech

Founder of ByTech and a believer in its cause, Nazimudden has been in the IT field for more than two decades specializing in both hardware and software solutions. He has extensive corporate experience ranging from financial analysis and investment, business development and human resources management. He has worked in the channels of education, manufacturing, technology, and independent consultion, and has provided IT services to many industries.


ByTech is led by Dato’ Othman Ali and Nazimudden Sulaiman who are major IT players and have extensive experiences in the industry. ByTech comprises of highly experienced and capable individuals who  continuously seek to equip themselves with cost-effective and state-of-the-art technology to ensure continuous satisfaction and company growth in line with its clients.